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Terex AC 40/2 All Terrain Crane


The Terex AC 40/2 All Terrain Crane boasts a boom system that is fully hydraulic. This makes the telescopic times the shortest in the industry whilst still having a high load capacity.

It comes in four sections and has a boom of 30.4 meters and a 15 meter swingaway jib, giving the telescopic boom an overall length of 45.5 meters

Like the Terex AC 40/2L All Terrain Crane, it is a narrow crane and suitable for use in built up areas. The width is just 2.25 meters, and the length is 10.7 meters. A low height clearance of 3.35 meters allows you to take it indoors, as well as out,

The crane can be quickly rigged, maximising your time on site. Like the AC 40/2L it has a two seater cab, which means it is perfect for training purposes. However, it is so intuitive and ergonomic that it can easily be operated by one person.

Air conditioning and a comfortable cab allow your operators to work without distraction, making them safer and more efficient team members.

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