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Heavy Haulage Hire From ALTIDA


Our transport division has an expansive fleet of Articulated Lorries, Step Frame Low Loaders and Triple Extending Rear Wheel Steer Trailers, along with Rigid Plant Trucks.

We offer the complete crane and heavy haulage hire solution.

Moving your equipment to or between sites can be a real headache, not to mention costly.

As part of our end to end service, we have a range of specialist abnormal load transport options available to help you move your lifting equipment or general machinery to where you need it.

Have a look at our heavy haulage hire range below.

  • Articulated Lorries

    Arctic lorries are versatile and can be used to transport loads of various weights, shapes, and size without any problems. The articulated, pivoting section makes it able to turn with relative ease.

    Our range of articulated lorries help you move equipment and materials from A to B with ease.

  • Step Frame Low Loader

    Step frame low loaders are perfect for transporting mobile cranes and other mobile lifting equipment to your site. Or, hire them to transport your own equipment multiple sites. The low loader allows you to do so legally where height is otherwise an issue.

  • Triple Extending Rear Wheel Steer Trailers

    Transport long loads easily with our Triple Extending Rear Wheel Steer Trailers. Rear wheel steer allows you to easily control long loads round tight corners, meaning moving plant equipment and materials around small sites or narrow roads is a cinch.

  • Rigid Plant Trucks

    Our Rigid Plant Trucks, or beavertail trucks are great for driving heavy plant machinery onto, which is ideal if you want to transport your heavy plants, forklift trucks, or other machinery between sites.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

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