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Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes

Pedestrian operated tower cranes are perfect for sites with limited space. They are compact, thanks to not needing an engine or cab.

ALTIDA are proud to have a fleet of pedestrian operated tower cranes for hire. Browse the range below or get in touch for more details.

VC36 Self Erecting Tower Crane

pedestrain tower crane

At its maximum hook height of 22 meters with an extension of 36 meters, the VC36 self erecting tower crane can lift up to a tonne.

VC33 Self Erecting Tower Crane

city centre pedestrian tower cranes

The VC33 is a compact self erecting crane. It can lift up to 4 tonnes, and has a maximum swing radius of 33 meters.

Liebherr L1-24 Tower Crane

image shows a crane at work

Safe, easy to use, and compact, this Liebherr L1-24 ticks many boxes. It has a 2.5 tonne capacity and a maximum radius of 27 meters.

Raimondi MR36 + 3 Tower Crane

image shows crane equipment

The maximum lifting capacity is 2 tonnes, with a maximum radius of 35 meters, making the maximum lifting capacity at the maximum radius 1.10 tonnes.

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