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Raimondi MR36 + 3


Altida are proud to have a fleet of Raimondi MR36+ 3 pedestrian operated tower cranes available for hire now.

Raimondi are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes. Based in Italy they specialise in topless tower cranes.

The MR36 + 3 is the smallest crane produced by them. Perfect for urban spaces, such as residential blocks and city centres, the base of the Raimondi MR36+ 3 measures 2.8 meters without rigger pads.

The maximum lifting capacity is 2 tonnes, with a maximum radius of 35 meters, making the maximum lifting capacity at the maximum radius 1.10 tonnes. To ensure compliance with EN14439.C25, the maximum hook height is 30 meters.

Raimondi MR36 + 3

If you are ready to hire the Raimondi MR36 + 3 give the staff on our helpful hire desk a call now.

All of our staff are experienced and will be able to recommend the right tower crane to hire for your job.

Whats more, we have our own transport fleet so we can transport your Raimondi MR36 + 3 to your site, saving you hassle and money.

We even have our own rang eof generators you can hire, if you don’t have access to power onsite.

If you aren’t sure that the Raimondi MR36 + 3 is the right crane for your site, or would like some advice we would be happy to come and do a free, no obligation site survey. We can recommend the safest and most effective way to lift and sling your materials, erect your cranes and protect your staff. Just get in touch.


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