Mobile cranes are expensive pieces of machinery – it takes skill and care to operate a crane correctly. Crane best practice will ensure that not only is the equipment taken care of but that the load is kept secure. Safety also plays a vital role in operating a mobile crane; in the wrong hands, a mobile crane can be dangerous.

This week on our blog, we have ten tips for efficient and safe mobile crane operation.


As mentioned, mobile cranes can be a hazard in the wrong hands. A mistake or not paying attention to what you’re doing could not only be costly but dangerous.

Crane hire specialists, Altida is the county’s number one choice for mobile crane hire, offering an extensive range of mobile cranes for hire that is sure to meet any needs that you may have. Our reputation and yours means that we keep our cranes in top condition and ready to get to work.

To ensure that our cranes are kept in excellent working order and that your mobile crane operation runs smoothly and safely, here are 10 tips to take note of.

  1. Always check ground conditions before any lift operation is started. A crane is as good as the ground it is stood on – weather, such as ice or rain can change ground conditions quite quickly, making jobs inefficient or dangerous.
  2. Take note of any overhead hazards, particularly when you will be operating the crane close to buildings or in areas where there are power lines.
  3. Be observant of everything that is happening on the site around you, from personnel to other works taking place.
  4. Before starting the crane, double check fuel and other fluids that may need to be replenished.
  5. You should also do a full inspection of the crane before each use – checking for any mechanical, electrical, structural or hydraulic issues.
  6. Ensure that the correct pads and cribbing are used for the lift operation to avoid outrigger fail or a sink.
  7. If something doesn’t feel right during a lift; stop and reassess the situation, is there a safer way to do the task?
  8. Never override the computer in a mobile crane.
  9. Ensure you have carefully read and understood the load charts for a mobile crane before you use it.
  10. Never use a mobile phone whilst operating a mobile crane. You wouldn’t use a phone whilst driving on a car – it’s the same thing.
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Taking care whilst operating a mobile crane is essential, especially hire cranes as you may be operating a crane that you haven’t used before.

If you are worried about lifting operations with a hire crane, we can supply fully trained operators for your job, ensuring that the work gets completed on time and in a safe way.

Altida crane hire has been providing a range of industries with expert lifting and access services since 2016. We maintain a large fleet of cranes and lifting equipment, suitable for a wide range of situations.

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