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The Terex Demag AC 160-5 All Terrain Crane is a beauty and the latest addition to Altida’s Heavy Crane Division. We now have numerous heavy cranes on the hire fleet, such as another brand new Terex AC 100-4L All Terrain Long Boom Crane capable of 100 Tonnes safe working load, and several Terex AC 140 All Terrain Cranes, capable of lifting 140 Tonnes.


Get in contact for a competitive quote and to enquire about this 130-tonne model and how it may be able to help you, or any of our vast hire fleet which ranges from 12 tonne – 160-tonne cranes. Whether or not you want a fully insured Contract Lift Hire or Standard CPA Hire, we have expert crane advisors who can recommend you on the safest and most efficient way to lift your job.