With such a wide range of cranes to choose from, trying to decide on which crane to hire can be a daunting task, particularly when most tasks can be completed by various cranes.

Hiring the wrong crane can be costly and can prolong the task at hand, which is why it is important to get advice from a professional and experienced crane hire company before making any decisions.


There are various factors to consider before hiring a crane, such as the duration of the job. Some cranes are better suited for temporary tasks whereas others are designed for prolonged durations on site. You will also have to consider the size and weight of the material you will be lifting as this will narrow down the number of cranes that are suitable for the task.

The ground conditions of the site will also have to be taken into consideration as this affects both which type of crane you need and how the crane will be transported to the site, particularly if the site has uneven terrain. When considering the site, it is important to factor in any obstructions that the crane and crane operators will need to work around when setting up and operating the crane. Using a crane or other lifting equipment has numerous hazards, which is why seeking advice from an experienced crane hire company is so important. At Altida, we are passionate about health and safety compliance within the crane hire industry. Here are some of the cranes available to hire:

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There are many types of mobile cranes, each of which serves a different, often temporary purpose. Mobile cranes often consist of a steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on a wheeled vehicle and are a popular and versatile crane for a number of industries, particularly the construction industry. Mobile cranes are versatile due to their small footprint and mobility. For example, in many situations, it can be challenging to get the crane close to where you need to lift the materials to. A mobile crane allows you to get much closer than other cranes.


Telescopic cranes have a large boom which consists of numerous tubes fitted one inside the other. A hydraulic mechanism allows the tubes to increase or decrease the length of the boom. Because you can adjust the height of a telescopic crane accordingly, these cranes are good for transferring a load to a higher or lower position and are often used for placing or retrieving boats from the water.


tower crane is a popular type of balance crane which is regularly used on large construction sites. When correctly anchored to the ground, a tower crane will provide the best combination of height and lifting capacity which is why it’s often used when constructing tall buildings. Tower cranes are operated by crane operators who sit at the very top of the crane in a small cabin or remotely operate the crane from the ground using a remote-control system. Here at Altida, we have recently introduced a range of pedestrian-operated tower cranes.


An all-terrain crane is self-explanatory. It is a mobile crane that can travel at the same speed on various surfaces including public roads and uneven terrains. All-terrain cranes move quickly between sites and are versatile for a variety of lifting needs. If your project is off road on a rough terrain, hiring an all-terrain crane may be the best option.

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Truck mounted cranes are often known as boom trucks and consist of cranes mounted on a rubber tire truck. There cranes offer excellent mobility and can travel on roads, meaning they can be transported without the need for other vehicles. Truck mounted cranes have outriggers which extend horizontally or vertically to stabilise and level the crane before lifting.


Loader cranes are used for loading and unloading materials onto trucks, trailers and other vehicles. These hydraulic powered cranes have an articulated arm which is fitted to a trailer. This arm can be folded, easily stored and effortlessly transported. They are easy to operate and incredible cost-effective to hire.


Here at Altida, we are experts in everything to do with lifting and can make the process of hiring cranes simple. We can offer a free, no obligation site survey and can give you advice on which type of crane is best for the task. We can also generate a thorough and detailed method statement for you.

Whether you are planning a large construction job or a small-scale event; we have the right crane hire service for you. We will do all we can to ensure the safety of your lifting operations.

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