Do you need your hot tub lifting in or out of your garden? Or perhaps you’d just like to relocate it within the garden? Altida have hot tub crane hire service specifically for this, complete with certified and experienced crane operators.


Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your garden. Perhaps its time to throw out the old BBQ and get a new one? Or re-design your flower bed? Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing new patio furniture or even a hot tub?!

Hot tub sales escalate every summer. And its hardly surprising. Relaxing in a lovely, bubbling hot tub with a cold beverage as the summer night draws in sounds pretty amazing.

If you’ve recently bought a hot tub, or you’re thinking about purchasing one, you’re going to need help moving it.


If you’re buying an inflatable hot tub, then no, you won’t need crane hire to move it. But if your buying a proper Jacuzzi-style tub or a wood-fired hot tub, you’re going to need some professional help manoeuvring it into your garden. Especially if it needs lifting over a house, fence, garden wall or trees.

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Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes; the majority of them are relatively large and extremely heavy – even before they’re filled with water. Without a crane, lifting a hot tub into position is an extremely difficult task.

Domestic crane lifts often come with potential hazards. Private gardens are usually located near main roads, other houses, vehicles and occupied buildings. This means lifting a hot tub must be done with great care to minimise the risk of property damage or injury to pedestrians.

If carried out by professionals with plenty of experience and knowledge, lifting a hot tub into place using a crane tends to be a relatively easy and safe task.


Here at Altida, we have a range of cranes available to hire and an outstanding team of fully certified crane operators. Each summer we have an abundance of new customers wanting us to lift their hot tubs into their back gardens.

So, over the years we have become very familiar with safely rigging cranes on the road, lowering hot tubs over people’s houses and positioning them perfectly in the garden.

Before the lift, one of our team members will come out to survey the exterior of your home and garden. A risk assessment will be carried out and our crane expert will then carefully plan the lift and decide on which crane is best for the lift.

With domestic lifts, we usually use smaller cranes that won’t damage the ground (or annoy your neighbours too much!). The beauty of using crane hire for hot tubs is that there is no disruption to the rest of your garden or property. We won’t damage any flower beds or disturb your pet rabbit and you won’t have to remove your garden fence to fit the hot tub into the garden.

Whether you’d like your hot tub placed on top of your patio or you’re having it built into the landscape, Altida Crane Hire have the expertise and knowledge to safely manoeuvre your hot tub into the perfect position.


You can hire a crane from Altida with the knowledge that everything is taken care of; from the health and safety regulations to the insurance.

At Altida, we work with approved codes of practice including HSE Guidance to ensure best practice and crane safety.

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Our cranes also come with an experienced crane operator who will have either CPCS or NPOSR accreditation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

All you have to do is let your neighbours know about the planned lift and ensure there are no obstructions such as parked cars and wheelie bins that may get in the way of the crane.


Here at Altida, we do more than hot tub lifts. We are experienced in a range of domestic projects. If you need help lifting materials for structures such as garden annexes or supplies for landscaping or extension builds – get in touch. We also help to remove larger items, such as trees.

Altida Crane Hire take pride in offering a competitive yet excellent service with fantastic operators and a world class fleet.

We will ensure you get an unrivalled service from top to bottom. It’s what we do! Get in touch here.