Event hire is a market sector within the UK that Altida works within every week, whether it is working with television and film companies, football clubs, bungee jumps, zip wires, festivals, concerts and many more. One area we specialise in is festival crane hire.

Read this week’s blog for more information on hiring a crane for your summer festival.

Approaching Festival Season

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With the recent sunny weather, we’re already thinking of the summer, yes maybe a little too premature to get the sunglasses and shorts out but we got to thinking about festivals.

the UK has a variety of music events, all year round but summer means one thing – festivals! Just look at the top 20 UK festivals; every one of them is held during the summer. Of course, this has a lot to do with our British weather. Although British summers aren’t the most reliable, we do still tend to get a run of good weather most years.


It may still be early Spring but festival organisers will already be in full swing making plans for this summer’s biggest events. A huge amount of planning and resources go into a music festival and are paramount to the success of an event with lots of food fresh in the commercial fridge and also drinks and music.

Look at Glastonbury as an example; one of the reasons the UK’s most famous festival is still running 48 years later is that is run like a military operation. Aside from all the public facing PR festival organisers must consider, the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff can take months and months of planning.

Logistics is one of the biggest areas for festival planners – a wide range of things need to be thought about from stage layouts, visitor flow and how all the equipment is brought into the site and set up.

With so many temporary building and stages to erect, mobile cranes play a huge part in the set up at most festivals – even smaller ones.

Cranes are used to lift temporary structures into place such as bars, fairground rides, and the all-important portable loos.

Of course, the most important and central focus of all festivals are the stages and cranes play an incredibly important role in this area. Mobile cranes are used to put stages together and then dismantle them at the end of the festival.

With tonnes of heavy equipment and parts to be lifted, a mobile crane and highly trained operator are indispensable for festival organisers.

Just ask the organisers of the Ariana Grande One Love concert; which we supplied hire cranes for. The event was organised at short notice which is unusual for an event of that type, but we were still able to respond with one of our Terex AC all-terrain mobile cranes to help set up the stage and then dismantle it after the concert was over.

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If you are planning a festival this summer and need a firm who specialises in festival crane hire, then look no further.

Here at Altida, we have an expert team of Appointed Persons who can calculate exactly how to perform your required crane hire in the safest and most cost-efficient way.

We work with a variety of music festivals and events, right across the UK. From huge music festivals and concerts to smaller event such as food festivals.

Please take a look at our available mobile crane fleet and get in touch if you need any help.