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Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain Crane


The Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain Crane is a performance powerhouse, but surprisingly compact.

It is the big brother of the Demag AC 100-4, and comes with 6 sections, boasting a main boom length of 59.4 Meters, plus 19 Meters Swingaway Jib, making a total reach ability of  78.4 M

It has an overall width of just 2.55 meters, making it the most compact crane in its class, even with large 445/95R25 tires.

This means it is as comfortable indoors as it is in densely packed city centre, making it a versatile and adaptable crane.

But that’s not to say it isn’t capable. The maximum main boom length is 59.4 meters and it can lift weights of up to 100 tonnes.

It has one of the biggest system lengths of all 4-axle units on the market at 81.7 meters, and can still travel within an axle load limit of 12 tonnes. You can use it on various sites without the need for additional transportation.

A big benefit of the Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain Crane is that is comes with the IC-1 Plus control system. This automatically calculates the maximum lifting height for any boom position, meaning you can lift heavier weights than the standard pre-calculated 360˚ lifting capacity usually allows for. This is especially useful when using an asymmetric outrigger setup.

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