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 Grove GMK3050-1 All Terrain Crane


The Grove GMK3050-1 All Terrain Crane effortlessly combines performance with comfort.

The five section, full power boom length is 38 meters and has a maximum tip height of 40 meters.  It can achieve boom angles from -2,7° to +82° giving you a wide range of motion and versatility.

A maximum lifting weights of 55 tonnes makes this a great mid-range crane. At 10.8 meters long, 3.6 meters high, and 2.5 meters wide it is a relatively compact size for the power it has.

The outriggers consist of 4 hydraulically telescoping beams with vertical cylinders and outrigger pads. The operator can control the vertical and horizontal from the cab with ease.

The Grove GMK3050-1 All Terrain Crane comes with an electronic display, detailing tip height, relative load movement, boom angle, length, radius, and maximum permissible load. It also provides a warning of an impending two-block condition an has a lock out hoist function. Safety is top priority!

And the safety and comfort features continue in the cab. Tinted safety glass and an acoustic lining protects the eyes and ears of the operator, whilst the ergonomically arranged instruments prevent RSI and discomfort during operation, so your mind is on the job.

Ready to Hire The Grove GMK3050-1 All Terrain Crane

If you are ready to hire the Grove GMK3050-1 All Terrain Crane or have questions, give our helpful hire desk operators a call. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.,

We keep all our mobile cranes in full working order are regularly serviced so you can be confident your mobile crane will be up to the task, every time.

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