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Terex AC 80-2 Mobile Crane


The Terex AC 80-2 Mobile Crane is the shortest 4 axel machine in the 80 tonne category, with a length of just 12.1 meters. It has a maximum load moment of 255 mt.

Combined with a 3.8 meter width it is a compact crane that can be used in a variety of environments. It can even be used indoors, thanks to its low clearance height of just 2.7 meters.

The fully hydraulic boom system gives short telescoping times and high load telescoping capacity, meaning you can do more in the time you have.

The Terex AC 80-2 is totally roadable with an 8 tonne counterweight and 9.2 meter boom extension, which keeps it within the statutory 12 tonne axle load limit. This lets you move the crane between sites with ease.

The crane has a great reach potential with the main boom achieving heights of up to 50 meters, plus an additional 17.6 meters from the Swingaway Jib, totalling a reach of up to 67.6 meters.

Ready To Hire the Terex AC 80-2 Mobile Crane

If you have questions about the Terex AC 80-2 Mobile Crane or are ready to hire give our hire desk a call. Our team know all there is to know about mobile cranes.

We would be more than happy to come and do a free site survey to enable us to recommend the best crane for your job and site. Just give us a call.

You can hire the Terex AC 80-2 Mobile Crane with or without an operator. All our operators are fully trained, certified, and insured so you site remains safe and compliant at all times.

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