Over the last twelve months, we are very lucky to be able to say that things have been (excuse the pun from a lift hire company) on the ‘up’ for us!  Altida secured several significant new contracts in 2020, which has led to massive investment in our new, state of the art, transport fleet!

In total, we have invested over £700k, with future plans to expand the fleet even further.  Our specialist team has also expanded, with more dedicated drivers undergoing extensive training to ensure the very highest levels of safety and operation for our customers. We purchased an escort vehicle so that when an abnormal load needs to be transported, our team can cover the entire transport route safely and efficiently.

In essence, we can transport pretty much anything at all!  The expanded fleet includes a brand-new Hiab lifter which is a truck and crane combined. The beauty of the Hiab is that the vehicle allows for heavy goods to be transported and lifted onto site, without the need for a separate crane – the hydraulics of the crane are actually powered by the vehicle engine.  This maximises the productivity of an individual worker and with the expertise of our team, means the job can be completed as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

In addition to the Hiab, we have invested in new rigid plant trucks which are ideal for customers who need to transport machinery, such as forklifts, between sites.  The rigid plant trucks allow for the machinery to be driven on and off the truck bed, so there is no need for lifting equipment.  Rigid plant trucks are great for customers who have numerous sites and projects, cutting the expense of hiring or purchasing multiple forklifts or plant machinery.

We’ve added more triple extending rear wheel steer trailers to our fleet – these are perfect for transporting long loads as the trailers allow for easy steering around tight corners – which means getting your equipment and materials around small sites or narrow roads is simple!  The trailer can extend up to three times its original length, meaning it’s ideal to transport piping, for example, as the truck bed length can be altered easily.

We’ve also expanded our fleet of articulated lorries and step frame low loaders.  Articulated lorries are brilliant at moving items of varying weights, shapes and sizes easily.  Like all articulated vehicles, ours work on a tight pivot system – which means that our customers can transport a large or heavy load, but can get around difficult corners and small sites with relative ease!

Our step frame low loader trailers have a stepped down deck, which means that the deck is lower than the height of the trailer’s rear wheels.  Low loaders allow for taller equipment (such as cranes) to be transported closer to the ground – avoiding any issues with low bridges or height restrictions end route.  The low loaders have detachable necks, allowing for heavy plant machinery to be driven onto the trailer at the lowest possible height – much like our rigid plant trucks (although unlike the rigid plant trucks, the step frame low loaders can transport up to 50 tonnes.)

This huge investment means that we can meet pretty much any need when it comes to heavy haulage hire!  If you have something (up to 50 tonnes) which needs transporting – we can help.  There really isn’t much we can’t move – over the last few months we’ve transported canal boats, overhead cranes, water pipes, shipping containers and air conditioning units, all with our new heavy haulage vehicles!

If you have a project which requires heavy haulage, lifting or cranes – feel free to get in touch.  We can offer advice and guidance on the best solutions for transporting heavy payloads. Our expert team are on hand to help you to plan and execute your project – we will ensure that you get everything to where it needs to be in the safest and most efficient way possible!