Here at Altida, we are very excited to have welcomed a whole fleet of shiny pedestrian tower cranes into our crane hire portfolio.

We are committed to bringing you the widest choice of cranes for hire, whether you are lifting immense weights, or need small access equipment for a tight spot.

And the beauty of using Altida is that we have everything you need for your hire, from accessories such as outrigger pads and skips to articulated lorries to transport your cranes and other machinery.

Read on to find out about our new pedestrian tower cranes.

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The big benefit of a pedestrian tower crane is that there is no engine to maintain so you can just plug it into a generator (which you can hire from us) and away you go.

And the massive benefit of the VC36 Self Erecting Tower Cranes is that it is, as the name suggests, self-erecting!

This means you can get to work much faster than having to erect it yourself and can cut down on the amount of people it needs to manage it, meaning your team are more efficient.

The base of this pedestrian tower crane is 4.2 meters, which gives it a solid grounding on which to lift and manoeuvre.

It can lift up to a tonne when it is at its maximum hook height of 22 meters and its reach extension of 36 meters.

But it can lift up to 4 tonnes when the hook height is at 20 meters and extended to 11.4 meters.


Liebherr L1 24

The Liebherr L1-24 is favoured amongst house builders thanks to its hydraulic powered, fast erecting capabilities.

It has a small footprint too, as the base can be reduced to under 4 meters, meaning it is perfect for housing estates where space can be tight.

This electric tower crane has a maximum radius of 27 meters and can lift 2.5 tonnes. When the jib is horizontal the hook height is 19.2 meters. At the end of the jib the weight capacity becomes just under a tonne, 800kg.

Liebherr is a trusted and well-known crane manufacture, in part thanks to its innovative Micromove fine positioning mode which allows for oscillation damping and provides an operating range limiting system.


Raimondi are a well respected and established crane manufacturer in Italy and specialise in topless tower cranes.

Designed to be used in crowded areas and small spaces, the MR36+3 is the smallest crane Raimondi produce. The base of it is just 2.8 meters without outrigger pads.

But that’s not to say it doesn’t perform.

At its maximum radius of 35 meters it can lift up to 1.10 tonnes. When the radius is reduced it can lift up to 2 tonnes. The maximum hook height is 30 meters.

Safety is a priority with this crane. It is fully compliant to EN14439.C25, the standard committed to the safety of operators and riggers and standardises safety practices and principals in tower cranes across Europe.

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The VC33 Self Erecting tower crane is truly compact, with a base of 2 meters. This makes it perfect for those especially tight areas.

The fact it is self-erecting, like the VC36, means you don’t need as many riggers to erect the crane manually.

This pedestrian operated tower crane has a maximum hook height of 21.5 meters and a swing radius of 33 meters, at which it can lift 1 tonne. Its maximum lifting capacity is 4 tonnes.


Our MD, Lee, has been in the lifting and access business for most of his life-his dad is in the industry too, so it is in his blood.

Lee understands the needs of the industry and those who access it, so has taken great pains to build his team of experts and train them in such a way that they understand too.

We know the challenges and issues you face when embarking on a lifting operation. You want reliable, safe, and efficient machinery that works. No fuss, no let downs, no excuses.

And that is exactly what we provide.

We can supply you with all the knowledge, tools, and equipment you need for a successful project. And if you aren’t sure what that is, exactly, we can guide you through the process.

We have more than one of each crane too, so you don’t have to wait around for equipment to become available.

So, from selecting the best crane for the job, to assessing for safety, carrying out the lift, and generating any reports, we have got you covered.

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