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Mobile cranes play a vital role in many small and large construction projects in an array of industries. If your construction company regularly requires the use of various cranes, you may be considering buying a crane. However, mobile cranes are expensive pieces of equipment and there is a lot of consider before committing to purchasing a crane. Hiring a mobile crane may be more beneficial and cost-effective.

Mobile cranes are expensive pieces of machinery – it takes skill and care to operate a crane correctly. Crane best practice will ensure that not only is the equipment taken care of but that the load is kept secure. Safety also plays a vital role in operating a mobile crane; in the wrong hands, a mobile crane can be dangerous.This week on our blog, we have ten tips for efficient and safe mobile crane operation.

Event hire is a market sector within the UK that Altida works within every week, whether it is working with television and film companies, football clubs, bungee jumps, zip wires, festivals, concerts and many more. One area we specialise in is festival crane hire.Read this week’s blog for more information on hiring a crane for your summer festival.
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