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What Is CPA Crane Hire?

Crane hire has always had a number of benefits for many industries, particularly the construction industry. If you choose the right company, crane hire can be incredibly easy and cost-effective.

If your business is in need of a crane hire service, you will usually have two options; you can either opt for CPA Crane Hire or choose a CPA Contract Lift.

What Is CPA Crane Hire?

CPA stands for Construction Plant Hire Association. The Construction Plant Hire Association is the UK’s leading trade association for the ever-growing plant hire sector. The CPA has developed Model Conditions for plant hire agreement, which benefit yourself and the crane hire company. They also have terms and conditions which all crane and plant hire companies must adhere to.

Here at Altida, we provide ‘crane and driver’ CPA hire. This means we will provide you with a mobile crane that has been maintained, serviced, tested and certified as well as any lifting equipment that is required. We will also provide a qualified and certified crane operator.

Our crane drivers and operators all have either CPCS or NPOSR accreditation as well as experience in lifting for various projects in a diverse range of industries. According to the CPA Hire agreement, when on your site, our crane operator and certified crane will work to your instructions.

image shows a hire crane operator holding a hard hatCPA Hire Rules and Regulations

The Construction Plant Hire Association has put numerous regulations to protect yourself and the crane hire company.

In order to adhere to CPA regulations, you must be able to provide a suitable appointed person who is fully qualified in all aspects of lifting.

This appointed person will have numerous responsibilities including planning the lift, selecting the correct personnel needed for the lift and hiring the correct equipment. According to the CPA crane hire agreement, you are responsible for ensuring the appointed person has the knowledge and understanding required to complete the lift.

Another important CPA regulation is insurance cover. When hiring a mobile crane or other plant hire with CPA Hire, you must provide insurance cover. The insurance must cover loss of or damage to plant and equipment whilst it is on your site and the loss of and damage to the goods that are being lifted.

You are also responsible for providing the crane hire company with all relevant and accurate information about the items being lifted and the site itself. The crane hire company should also be made aware of the ground conditions to be able to plan the lift.

CPA Contract Lift Hire

At Altida, we also offer CPA Contract Lift Hire which differs slightly from CPA Hire. If you opt for CPA Contract Lift Hire, almost all of the key elements relating to a lift will be covered by us – even insurance!

This means we will supply an experience appointed person, qualified lift supervisors and swingers as well as the certified crane, lifting equipment and qualified crane operator.

We will also send a qualified appointed person to perform a site survey beforehand to measure the accessibility of the site and determine which crane is required.

image shows several cpa crane hires against a stormy skyGet In Touch

We are experts in everything to do with lifting and will make the process of hiring mobile cranes with CPA Hire or CPA Contract Lift Hire easy.

Whether you are planning a large construction job or a small-scale event; we have the right crane hire service for you.

Our competent person would be happy to come out on site and do a free, no obligation site survey. We can also generate a thorough and detailed method statement for you. We will do all we can to ensure the safety of your lifting operations.

Get in touch with us at sales@altida.co.uk or call 01246 261915. Or, you can fill in the contact form here.

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