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    Altida Crane Hire

    CPA Hire

    We make the process of hiring mobile cranes with CPA hire simple & straightforward

    Here at Altida, we are the county’s number one choice for mobile crane hire, and for good reason.

    ALTIDA are happy to provide ‘crane and driver’ CPA hire, which includes a certified crane and a qualified operator that will work the crane to the customer’s instructions.

    We adhere to the CPA crane hire agreement which stipulates that the crane, as well as the operator, are the responsibility of the customer when on-site.

    To meet these CPA regulations when hiring a crane under a standard CPA hire, the customer has to provide a suitably appointed person who is responsible for appointing the correct personnel such as qualified slingers, hiring the correct equipment and planning the lift in general.

    If the hire is under a CPA Crane Hire agreement, then the customer’s appointed person must have the knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the lifting operation. As well as this, the crane owner has to supply a suitable operator and crane fit for its intended purpose. The customer has to also provide insurance cover for the loss of damage to plant and equipment whilst on site under the customer’s control, as well as the loss of or damage to the goods that are being lifted.

    File 004
    Mobile crane that has been maintained serviced tested and certified working.

    What is included with CPA Hire?

    • Mobile crane that has been maintained, serviced, tested and certified working.
    • Qualified and Certified Operator
    • Lifting Equipment

    Alternatively, we also offer CPA Contract Lift Hire, which is a fully insured lift. Before the lift we would send a qualified appointed person to perform a site survey to determine the correct crane required for the job, assessing and measuring the site’s accessibility, and the required reach based on where the crane can be rigged, as all cranes are different sizes. There are times where we have had to remove obstructions on-site such as a fence in order to get a mobile crane in the correct place.

    We then provide the customer with emailed PDF and hardcopy RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) before carrying out a lift, which means you are covered by our insurance. As part of the package, we also supply a lift plan to demonstrate where the crane can be safely rigged based on ground conditions and where the crane boom needs to reach. The appointed person also calculates the crane’s load capacity, factoring in the weight of the hook, block and lifting equipment such as chains.

    With a CPA Contract Lift, we also supply appointed persons, lift supervisors, and slingers with the job, taking care of everything for the customer.

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