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Liebherr L1-24


Altida are proud to have a fleet of fast erecting Liebherr L1-24 pedestrian operated tower cranes.

Housing builders, and roofing work in particular will benefit from the Liebherr L1-24, where space for cranes is often tight. Thanks to the flexible support base, the crane’s footprint can be reduced to less than 4 meters, meaning often, roads won’t have to be closed and you can comfortably work in a tight spot.

The hydraulic easy erecting system makes erecting this crane a breeze, so you can get to work fast.

The Liebherr L1-24 has a 2.5 tonne capacity and a maximum radius of 27 meters. The weight capacity at the end of the jib is just under a tonne, at 800 kg. Hook height is 19.2 meters with the jib horizontal.

The crane is fully complaint to EN 14439, and, thanks to the innovative Micromove fine positioning mode, you can have added control.  This provides oscillation damping and an operating range limiting system.

Safe, easy to use, and compact, this Liebherr L1-24 ticks many boxes.

Liebherr L1-24

If you are ready to hire the Liebherr L1-24 just give us a call.

We have several of these, so availability is almost guaranteed. Just give our hire desk a call and our experienced staff will be able to help.

We have our own transport fleet, too, so can get your Liebherr l1-24 to site for you without you having to ring round trying to hire extra machinery.

If you don’t have access to power on site, we would be happy to rent out one of our generators, so you can power the Liebherr L1-24.

If you aren’t entirely sure that this is the right crane for you, we would be happy to come and do a free, no obligation site survey.

Just get in touch. We are up to the task!

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